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Despite recent economic growth in the Americas, millions of people still lack access to basic and lifesaving health care. That’s why we work to ensure that every individual has access to care during pregnancy and information about safe sex, and that government policies throughout the region uphold sexual and reproductive rights.
But we can’t do it alone. In order to realize our shared vision of a world of choice and opportunity for all, we depend on individuals like you and countless others who donate to our cause and volunteer their time and skills. We thank you for being a part of our network—and a part of the movement.

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A Robust & Diverse Network

We work with individuals and organizations across all sectors—non-profits, businesses, governments, foundations, and academia—to create strong and healthy communities. We depend on these partnerships and people like you because millions depend on us.

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Embracing Technology, Implementing Digital Health Records

IPPF/WHR recognizes that when well-designed and wisely used, electronic health records can curb costs and allow patient data, such as allergies and medical history, to be easily accessible to health providers. While e-health systems are common in North America, the IPPF Regional Office staff has been lending our technical expertise and financial resources to Member Associations in countries like Peru, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic as they adopt these cutting-edge technologies.

The Network
Efficient organizations, and healthy, empowered communities

A Partnership That Boosts Health Services

Widely recognized as a leader in sexual and reproductive health in Brazil, our Member Association BEMFAM has agreements with government municipalities to provide much-needed services through the public health system, including training government health workers on issues such as the provision of emergency contraception and resources for women who have experienced violence. Working in more than 400 municipalities and in more than 1,400 clinics last year alone, they provided more than 5.4 million services, more than 5,800 educational activities, and nearly 600 trainings.

The Network
Expanded access to comprehensive and high-quality sexual and reproductive health services.

A Strong Network

We facilitate the exchange of information and expertise among our network of 40 Member Associations through our South-to-South program. Last year, we facilitated 11 exchanges and capacity-building trainings on topics like prevention, detection, and treatment of gender-based violence; sexual rights; and strengthening of management information systems and quality of care. Following an IPPF/WHR South-to-South exchange between Profamilia/Colombia and ADS/El Salvador, our Member Association in El Salvador greatly enhanced its youth program. They saw a 95 percent increase in the number of services provided to young people.

The Network
Stronger institutions and better health services that improve people’s lives.

Agent of Change

Since 1999, Neal Parker has spent his Saturdays at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Houston, Texas, as a client escort. Through his work with the Member Association in the U.S. as well as with international Members, such as Profamil in Haiti, the retired computer programmer has seen firsthand the obstacles women face when seeking safe family-planning services. “Planned Parenthood and its sister organizations around the world provide services that are needed everywhere,” says Neal. “The intensity is different, but the need is the same.” Together with volunteers and supporters like Neal, we will ensure that women have access to the health care they deserve throughout the Americas.

The Network
A network of dedicated supporters that advocate for women’s sexual and reproductive health services worldwide.

Together, Every Pregnancy Will Be Wanted

This year, we partnered with Bayer, MTV Latin America, and the Latin American Center for Health and Women to raise awareness about safe sex and contraception among youth throughout the region.

The Network
More empowered young people making informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health!

Donor List

We are grateful for the generosity of our loyal and dedicated donors. You are all a vital part of our long-term efforts to ensure the sexual and reproductive rights and health of all throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Thank you.

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IPPF/WHR’s experienced staff and 30,000 volunteers are more than advocates and service providers: They are experts in medicine, human rights, health and social programs, and technology who leverage their knowledge and skills to strengthen the network. By sharing best practices, providing technical assistance, and partnering with governments and the private sector, they work to scale up proven health care models and amplify advocacy campaigns.

The Result?

We delivered nearly 33 million services throughout the Americas and the Caribbean in 2012 and helped secure 37 policies that promote sexual and reproductive rights.